I'm back from my marvelous vacation feeling well rested and renewed. I may post some pictures of the awesomeness that was San Diego...pictures of the beach, the beautiful view from my hotel, the wonderful reggae band I saw at Wave House on the beach.... But, now that the vacay is over...

I returned home to find out that a co-worker and great man, died from a heart attack while he slept. On last Thursday, September 9th, I found out that a former co-worker and friend, whose 65th b-day party I had just attended two weeks ago, had died of a massive stroke. These deaths shook me because I had just seen the people and they seemed to be the picture of health. It made me realize just how true the statement is, "here today, gone tomorrow." It also made me hyper aware of the fact that life should be lived to the fullest because we never know which day will be our last.

In my humble opinion, death, while sad, serves as a wake up call to the living. For me, it was a reminder that we are SUPPOSED to be living and enjoying life, not merely existing. These deaths made me grateful for the times I had known these great men, one of which was like a father figure. Also, it made me grateful for the life that I have chosen which embraces financial freedom and minimalism. From my standpoint, these life decisions are allowing me to live more fully and freely because I am not bogged down by debt or worry about not having time to truly enjoy life because I have too many things to care for or pay for.

It is my hope that everyone lives life to the fullest and realizes that our time here on earth is short and we should spend it with the people we love, doing things we love.


  1. Karin said...
    I'd love for you to share pictures of your vacation!
    I've had several unexpected deaths in the family recently, and I agree, they are a wake up call. An uncle passed away in his sleep with a smile on his face and his wife passed away exactly one month later of a massive stroke. Although my uncle was 79 and my aunt was 78, these were active people in seemingly good health. She planted a garden and he drove grandkids to and from school.
    My mom had a stroke in July and is doing well, which I'm VERY thankful for.
    Life is a gift and we must enjoy it and live it to the fullest.
    FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...
    Every day should be lived as if it's your last.

    That is not to say to go on a wild vacation and spend everything you have, but to really appreciate the good and let go of the bad.

    I'd hate to come home and be sleeping, angry with what happened only to end up having it be my last emotion (even if I'd never feel it)
    Young Mogul said...
    Glad to hear your mother is doing fine.
    Karin said...
    Thank-you, Mogul.

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