My journey into Voluntary Simplicity began when it was brought to my attention that we, as Americans, are such rabid consumers that our landfills are almost at capacity. We are so materialistic that we are running out of space to dispose of our "things". This revelation hit me like a Mack truck--and so began my choice to voluntarily consume less.

Everyone has their own definition of Voluntary Simplicity, and each person's lifestyle varies. Voluntary Simplistic lifestyles can range anywhere from becoming only slightly more conscious to severe lifestyle changes. For me, Voluntary Simplicity means living more CONSCIOUSLY. I am very new into my simplistic lifestyle and, right now, I am mainly in the planning stages of how I want to live. What I have concluded is that I will: 1. Use products longer (much longer) before discarding them; 2. Have items repaired instead of disposing them; 3. Buy refurbished items, when feasible; 4. Conserve our natural resources; 5. Recycling anything that is recyclable; and 6. Educate others on what Voluntary Simplicity is and is not.

In a nutshell, for me, Voluntary Simplicity means being more cognizant of my impact on and my place in this world that I live in. Everyone else will define for themselves their personal journey into the world of Voluntary Simplicity.