The final tally for my food cost on the road was $27.06.....not bad. My goal was $25. Initially, I had planned to just go to town and sign paperwork, then immediately get back on the road. But my plans changed and I decided to visit a few friends. I ended up catching up with girlfriend and going out to lunch. The lunch is what put me over budget. However, I had a blast with friends and it was well worth it.

The purpose of this spending plan was to make me more accountable with my money. I will continue to set spending limits and will, most of the time, adhere to the limit. But, I have never felt deprived thus far on my spending plan and did not want to miss out on an opportunity with old friends. I didn't make my goal this time, but this was a special occasion.

The spending plan is still in full effect......

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  1. Cash Only Living said...
    Great idea! I have a business trip coming up in a couple of weeks and didn't even think of having a budget for it that I would challenge myself to stick to. Thanks for sharing another way that I can control my money!

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