*Update* Go Green Challenge

I accepted the 'Go Green' Challenge for the month of June. The Challenge began on June 1 and ends June 30th. The jist of the Challenge is that everyone who accepts the Challenge uses cash for all of their daily purchases (not including bills), including casual spending. We use the 'envelope method', which involves putting the cash for all of our major categories in the envelope and using money as needed; but when the money is gone, it's gone. My envelopes include categories for personal spending, gas, miscellaneous, and the money I put aside for my monthly manicure. There is no use of debit or credit cards for the entire month. I already have a spending/entertainment plan which entails $40 a week for frivolous spending ($20 for the workweek, Sunday - Thursday; and $20 for the weekend, Friday and Saturday). So, my update entails what I spent for the first week of the challenge...

The Challenge began on Tuesday, June 1st. I began with the $20 for the workweek because I didn't spend any money on Sunday because Sunday is usually just attending church, then going home for a quiet day of rest. Monday was Memorial Day and, again, I rested and didn't even attend any BBQ's despite being invited. So, Tuesday was my first day of work and my first day of spending...

* Tuesday, June 1, 2010--I brought my lunch to work, but bought a soda and chips from the vending machine for $1.90. For my lunch break I went to Family Dollar and bought a few items that costs $4.56, from my miscellaneous spending category.

* Wednesday, June 2, 2010--I didn't bring my lunch but bought a Backyard Burger Junior and a Sweet Tea from McDonald's for a total of $3.56. I also bought another soda and chips from the vending machine (I know, I know....) for $1.90.

* Thursday, June 3, 2010--I purchased a Caesar salad for lunch for $5.56 and a Sweet Tea from McDonald's for $1.10.

* Friday, June 4, 2010--I spent no money on food (YEAH!!) The reason for that is I work at a college and we have adopted our summer hours, which are 10 hour days from 7am-6pm with Fridays off. So, I spent no money on food/eating out because I did not go to work on Friday. However, I went to a birthday party that night and bought a bottle of Verdi to the party for a total of $6.20, from weekend spending.

* Saturday, June 5, 2010--I had plans to attend a bus ride to Memphis (2hours from Little Rock) on Saturday, but the plans fell through at the last minute, which left me with no plans for the weekend. Therefore, I decided to treat myself to breakfast for a whopping $2.74, and lunch for $6.43...I know, I'm a big spender, LOL. Since I had not spent all of my money from the workweek, I decided to use the remaining money from workweek and weekend spending to buy myself a business book that was on clearance from Books-A-Million for $6.45.

Also on Saturday, I bought a few more miscellaneous items from Family Dollar for $3.37.

My total for the work week was $14.02, which left me with $5.98 remaining. Weekend spending was a total of $22.82, of which the additional $2.82 was remaining from the workweek. My total miscellaneous spending was $7.93.

My total cost in the spending/entertainment category for the week was $36.84 out of $40; my total miscellaneous spending was $7.93, which leaves $22.07 for the month remaining for miscellaneous spending.

All in all, I feel I did OK. I came in under budget, which wasn't hard. But, I would like to bring my lunch more often and be able to save my frivolous spending allowance for other things besides lunch. In my own defense though, adjusting to the 7am workday has been kinda hard. I brought my lunch most days before this new schedule. Also, I started a morning run on Memorial Day, which is from 5:40 - 6am. Afterwards, I have 45 minutes to shower and get dressed, which isn't hard as long as I prepare my clothes overnight--but it leaves no time for packing a lunch. I know, I know, I have to pack it overnight, which requires better planning on my part.

First week complete...


  1. Everyday Tips said...
    Well it sounds like you actually did great. The good news is, if you REALLY needed to cut back, it would be easy since it was mostly on food items. One thing I used to do was bring leftovers from dinner in for lunch, and I loved it.

    I see you spent some at the dollar store. I just have to ask what you usually buy there. I know a lot of people shop there and I just haven't found much of what I usually buy there. But I also wonder if I am missing some great deals by not going there. Maybe I need to pay closer attention?
    Young Mogul said...
    @Everyday Tips:

    From Family Dollar, I bought batteries, 2 hanging flower planters for my front porch, a pocket notebook, 2 cards...that's what I bought on those 2 days.

    But, normally, I get my household items for the month...toilet tissue, toothpaste, feminine products, soap, cleaners, etc. Their items are cheaper than Wal-Mart.
    Divine and Debt Free said...
    wow great job!! someone likes mcdonalds a lot lol.

    all in all I think you did great! keep it up!!
    Investing Newbie said...
    Congrats! You must live somewhere really cheap, since I only need to breathe and poof! There goes $40. (I live in NY)
    Young Mogul said...
    @Investing Newbie:

    Yes, very cheap. I am in the deep south. I'm a Little Rock transport from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; but planning a move to Dallas/FW, Texas area really soon. I'm a southern girl, born and bred.
    Divine and Debt Free said...
    wow I didn't know you where a Katrina survivor? I been talking to history this whole time! amazing!
    Young Mogul said...
    Yep, born and raised in New Orleans. I was still living there during the time of Hurricane Katrina, but not actually there for the Hurricane. I relocated and was displaced in Natchodoges, Texas for months after the hurricane--a very small, nothing to do town that is 3 hours from Houston.
    Cash Only Living said...
    Great challenge! I don't know if I could go a whole month without using a debit card since I use mine almost automotically. I get the best ideas for challenges from your blog!

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