My Other Lifestlye Change...

This journey to Financial Freedom and a more Minimalist lifestyle has fueled my desire to improve in other areas as well. Like most of us, I need to get healthier. I'm not overweight, but I have my problem areas I would like to improve. Additionally, I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables or drink enough water. I've given a lot of thought to what lifestyle changes I can make to improve my health and drop a few vanity pounds without resulting to dieting. Here are the 20 rules I plan to begin to implement on July 1. I feel the rules are fairly simple and painless to apply, given just a little bit of effort. The rules are a combination of my own creations and a few I have picked up from reading about health and nutrition. So here they are, Young Mogul's 20 Rules for a Healthier Eating Plan:

All of the rules are applied Sunday through Thursday (except water intake and multi-vitamin)...on weekends, GO WILD!

1. No eating after 8p.m.
2. Always start the day with a healthy, meatless breakfast
3. Only 10 grams of fat a day from junk food. You can divide junk food into salty/sweet
4. No junk food as a meal (i.e. donuts for breakfast, French fries for lunch)
5. Limit sugar intake (no specific number of grams, just consciousness)
6. Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal
7. Stop eating when the joy derived from the taste of the food has diminished
8. Don’t eat the same type of food for back-to-back meals
9. Don’t drink calories. Drink only water with meals other than breakfast
10. Drink a minimum of 20 ounces of water a day (more if possible), even on weekends
11. No white flour
12. No deep fried foods
13. Eat reasonable portions
14. Choose healthier version junk food (dark chocolate, skim milk Frappucino, baked chips)
15. Choose lean meat choices whenever possible
16. Limit carbohydrate intake (no specific number of grams, just consciousness)
17. Get a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise (more if possible), ANY five days a week
18. Take a daily multi-vitamin every day, even on weekends
19. Friday and Saturday are “anything goes” days, except for water intake & multi-vitamin rule
20. Post these rules in a prominent place at home and work and review daily


  1. Anonymous said...
    That sounds like a pretty good list! I often think that if we'd all just avoid the "big three" - processed sugar (and/or corn syrup), trans fat (partially hydrogenated soybean oil), and processed white flour, we could get ourselves WAY closer to where we need to be!
    Young Mogul said...

    I totally agree and I'm trying--not necessarily to lose weight, but to be healthier all around.
    everyday tips said...
    I really like your list. What I think is so good about it is that it is realistic to succeed. It isn't such a drastic change that it will leave you crabby and unsatisfied. (Unless your diet is currently all processed foods.)

    Sure, 20 rules may seem like a lot to follow, but it is not overly restrictive. Plus, you allow yourself some goof-off days.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
    Young Mogul said...
    @Everyday Tips:

    20 rules do seem like a lot, but most of them will become everyday habits eventually. Plus, it's really only 18 rules and I just added on the last two because it sounds better (in my opinion) to say 20 rules as opposed to 18.

    I've posted them at home and work for quick reference when needed.
    Charles-MochaMoney said...
    Great set of rules. My family has a history of heart attacks so I've recently cut out a lot of red meat in my diet.

    Can actually feel the difference. Yes I do occasionally eat a hamburger once in a while but I'm not the carnivore I once was.

    Another thing that I've found of great benefit has been cooking at home. Its MUCH cheaper and healthier than eating out.

    When I know I'll have a busy week ahead I'll even cook ahead of time and store the meals in the fridge or refrigerator.
    Anonymous said...
    This is a great set of rules! It's helpful to post them somewhere too so you don't forget what your goals are and why you have to skip that delicious pop tart in the morning. I've found that once I limited my intake of processed foods, my tastebuds started refusing them and craving natural, healthy choices like fresh strawberries instead of a strawberry pop tart. And it really is cheaper and tastier to eat from home than buy out all the time.

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