Today is July 1 and officially marks the end of my 'Go Green' Challenge. I never anticipated the challenge would be a hard one as I have already gotten a grip on my discretionary spending. What the challenge did for me is force me to plan out my discretionary expenditures at the beginning of the month instead of just using my discretionary cash randomly.

What I've found is carrying cash is not as bad as I thought, despite the times I forgot to take my money before leaving home and was without money for the entire day. Actually, I kind of liked the 'throw back' feel of carrying cash. Additionally, carrying cash stopped me from having to do a lot of calculations in my head in an effort to try to remember what purchases I made so I wouldn't be surprised when I viewed my checking account online. And of course, having cash made me more aware of what I was spending and how much money I would have remaining after each purchased.

What I've learned from the Challenge is that I would like to continue with the cash system for everything EXCEPT purchasing gas each week. Going into the gas station to pay for gas is easily an activity I can live without. Besides, did I mention I'm semi-paranoid? I'm always so fearful that I'll have the bad luck of being caught in the middle of a robbery while waiting to pay for my gas...crazy, I know! But, what can I say...I was raised by an overly protective, completely paranoid grandmother. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.

So, there you have it...from this point forward I will continue a modified version of the 'Go Green' Challenge.


  1. Divine and Debt Free said...
    I am so glad you did the challenge with me. I am so excited about the month of July, im trying to figure out why I been without a budget for so long (a real budget) but i feel you on the gas issue. Im not paranoid tho, im just lazy lol
    Everyday Tips said...
    I totally agree on not wanting to go in the gas station to pay for gas. Plus, my credit card gives 5 percent cash back for gas and everyday items. To me, gas is not very discretionary because I have to go where I have to go. So, it isn't like I spend more because I am not using cash.
    Anonymous said...
    Good job. I am trying to work out a system of using cash, except for gas. I am totally with you in the pay at the pump thing.

    My biggest dilemma, I feel I spend the green stuff a bit too freely. Does anyone else have that problem? I've been keeping the cash at home in a box so I have to think about it before I spend it.
    Young Mogul said...
    Thanks for the comments ladies. @Singleindebt: I use the envelope system where I put money for each category in different envelopes. The only problem I had was when I sometimes forgot to take money with me before leaving home and had no money to spend for the day.
    Rhitter94 said...
    Hey Young - I'm glad I read this post as well as the posts related to this. It inspires me to implement the 'modified' green challenge.

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