When Is It Time To Change Jobs?

Long gone are the days when one stayed with a single employer for 30 years, then retired with their pension and gold watch. Even before the 'Great Recession',many people stopped believing in the term 'job security'. And while many don't feel secure in their jobs, they feel it is better than the alternative. Now more than ever, people are unsatisfied with their jobs, but many are not willing to rock the boat, given the status of the current economy. Because of people's fear and apprehension, they ignore the glaring signs that it may be time to leave a job that is unfulfilling. The following are a few signs most of us have had at one time or another at some point in our careers:

* You dread going to work everyday--I'm sure most of us have felt this one before. Getting out of bed in the morning is the absolute hardest and you seem to be more tired in the morning than any other time of the day.

* You are starting to get sick--I have an online buddy who recently left a job that was literally giving her migraines everyday. She took a lot of flack from friends and family for a leaving a job in this economy, but when a job is literally making you sick...

*There's no room for advancement--Again, we do not live in a society where people stay in the same job their entire work life. Even if a person remains with a company for a number of years, it's usually because he was able to move up and continue to gain new skills. My motto is, "If I can't grow, I gotta go".

* The company is in trouble--Is it worth the stress and worry for a company that may not be around much longer?

* Emotionally Abusive--You are suffering emotion abuse from either a supervisor or co-workers or both.

* You're bored--The job is no longer challenging and the company won't consider you for other positions.

* You're burned out--You are experiencing exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration. And you don't see any other remedy to this problem except to change employment.

* You're underpaid--This issue is not just the underpayment, but the fact that the raise scale is not sufficient, therefore even with annual raises you are still underpaid.

Are you currently experience job burnout or have you experienced in the past? What was your solution? Our current recession is forcing a lot of people to stay in jobs that are slowing draining the life out of them. In this economic climate are you more inclined to stay in a stable job you hate just for the security it provides or are you at a financial stage where you could afford to leave a draining job and ride it out until you find a job that fulfills you?



  1. Serendipity said...
    I think I got insanely lucky with my job. After working with someone who talked down to me and burnt me out, I finally wrote a three page letter letting my bosses know how my immediate boss was treating me, resulting me to almost go to the hospital. I was placed with a different supervisor who also treated me like shit which led me to complain again. I was so mentally tired and looking for other jobs and seeing if I had enough money saved up just to leave for awhile and concentrate on school. I then was given a supervisor position of my own site.

    While I still deal with retarded people and things I don't agree with, I'm happy to have the chance to prove myself. And whil I'm not sure what exactly the future holds for me ( although it would be nice if I could keep this job while going to school for the next two-three years) I don't exactly dread going to work everyday. I would love though to eventually start my own business, again not really sure what's holding me back with that one.

    Jenn said...
    I have had many jobs, two I consider professional (in my field). The first I spent 3.5 years until boredom set in and there was no other positions to move to. It was a great entry level positions. I have been in my current position for 7.5 years, longer than I originally anticipated. I am working on trying to become self-employed. I am great at self-direction and pacing and I'd like to earn my money based on what I produce and how well I produce it. I no longer want to be paid the same as the guy sitting next to me that never turns anything in on time or has only half the amount of work and responsibility because that is what the pay scale says he can earn. I can't afford to leave right now, but I have a plan!
    Betty Jo said...
    I haven't worked outside my home for years due to health reasons. The horror stories I hear from those who do make me sooooooo glad I'm no longer there. Gone are the days one can afford to leave a job though; it's a real catch 22.
    Willow said...
    Some days you just don't want to get up and go to work. Those are the times when you just do it anyway and deal with it. But if the job situation is making you ill, then you have to reevaluate. I think if I were in that position I would see what other jobs are out there and also look for more ways to lower expenses and discover how little I would need to live on.

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