When I began getting my finances in order, I could not have predicted how it would lead to changes in other areas of my life. Financial changes led to Minimalism which led to the question: Does my spending reflect my values?

When I initially began to question if my spending reflects my values it was more along the lines of environmentally friendly items/packaging and no animal testing. But, eventually I began to question, more specifically, how do I want my values to manifest in my life. Of course, after valuing the tangible things such as family, friends, health, and the like, I also value my quality of life. Valuing my quality of life leads me to understand the negative impact debt will impose on my life and those more subtle, intangible aspects of life. This realization begged the question what intangible things will be affected if my spending isn't in line with my values?The intangibles that I value are the following:

* Freedom

* Security

* Peace of mind in regards to finances

* Having new/interesting life experiences (well this is sort of tangible, but...)

In order to achieve all of these things (and I am on the cusp, so close I can taste it) I must make conscious decisions when parting with my money. I have decided what is important to me and if my purchases uphold these values in one way or another---by either supporting causes/products I believe in or by purchasing items that add value to my life in some way or by making money choices that add to my fulfillment of the intangibles.

So, it's your turn to reflect. Does your spending reflect your values; and if not, what do you plan to do about it?


  1. Divine and Debt Free said...
    My values didn't line up with my spending until I got into a real relationship with God. Before everything was about me me me me me me and more me. I was selfish and in turn I was leading a semi miserable life, and I was still broke.

    Now my values are in line with what the Word of God says (for the most part my spending reflects such) I am trying to get out of debt and be a radical giver.

    Its funny that you did this post because I had been worrying a lot about spending frivolously. I got the idea based on a comment my mom made regarding me not having the funds to pay the back mortgage payments.

    I have changed a LOT and I have no regrets about where the money has gone. Fact is I have technically only 1 debt left to pay on, and I can't discount the fact that I have paid off $30,000 worth of debt in 2.5 years all while living life. Im glad I am not in the same place as before, it has made life so much more worth living.
    Annienygma said...
    We actually have the same values. I wanted the freedom to come and go and work as I pleased and the security in knowing that I had more than enough of anything that I needed/wanted.

    I added to that the ability to have a calm peaceful home that I didn't have to kill myself cleaning, but overall they are almost identical!
    So nice to know a kindred spirit!
    Everyday Tips said...
    I wish I had more money that I could donate. There are so many I would love to help, and I just do not have the amount to spare that I wish I did. I do try to help in other ways, but I would love to be able to be more 'philantropic'.

    Very interesting post.
    Young Mogul said...
    We all have to reach that point where we are faced with what we value. You literally had the 'Come to Jesus' meeting.

    Actually I could have added a simplistic home to the list because that is a priority as well. The home became a priority when I decided to go the Minimalist route.

    @Everyday Tips:
    I'm sure you will reach that point where you are able to support the causes that are nearest to you. That's why we're on this journey--to be able to afford to have enough money to support what is truly important to us.
    Willow said...
    Interesting topic. I read the post this morning and thought about it off and on all day. Most of our priorities are reflected in our finances: giving to others and to missions, staying healthy, caring for God's creation by conserving and eating locally, spending time with our family. All on a small budget because we don't need much.
    Megan said...
    I've been thinking a lot about this topic lately. I feel like the next logical step now is to follow my finances even further -- do the companies and individuals I am giving my money to share my values? I'm a little nervous it's going to turn out to be an unresolvable issue. Oh well -- into the rabbit hole! :)

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