Minimalist: A Lifestyle

I was reading an interview with Minimalist Everett Bogue, author of the e-book 'The Art of Being Minimalist' on the blog In the interview, Everett had a few quotes that made me pause and reflect. The quotes are as follows:

*I believe we need to re-imagine our civilization as an interconnected network of people who own less and live free.

*Location independence and minimalist freedom aren’t going to be a mainstream reality for a really long time, because there will always be a large section of society that isn’t ready to embrace new things.

There’s nothing normal about being free, apparently.

*Reduce your life expenses to the basis of existence

*I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my own impact on the planet. I think we’re at a moment in time when we’re dangerously close to destroying everything — I also think we’re at a moment that will be seen as a breakthrough point, when we stopped consuming and started focusing on having experiences, being healthy, and creating human civilization that will be here for the future.

*I believe our own personal freedom is deeply intertwined with the health of the planet. To pursue one goal is to pursue the other.

Words to ponder......


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