My Mood: Relaxed and Less Hurried

A funny thing happen to me this week, on this crazy road to Financial Freedom and Minimalism: I actually started to feel lighter and less stressed. Let me explain. This week, I decided to remove one item from my home a day in the process of decluttering. I believe I started on Wednesday. Well, since Wednesday I have removed more than one item a day. Initially, it was a little hard to part with "mamentos", but once I asked myself the question, "Does this product/object serve me or is it the other way around?", it became much easier to let go of those things. Mind you, these were things that I had not used in years, but had traveled with me from apartment renter to home owner. Most of these things were cluttering closets, but had not been used or even seen since I moved into my home.

Once I started decluttering, the process became easier--and, of course, the garage sale helped a ton! Now, I have found that in only 2 days, cleaning has become more informal, keeping up with laundry has become easier (I was actually considering bringing laundry to the drop of laundromat; another "cost" of clutter and owning "stuff"), and getting together and out of the door in the morning has become less hurried.

Because I have eliminated clutter (mind you, my home was not one that someone on the outside looking in would considered cluttered--just goes to show what is considered acceptable in today's society), cleaning no longer feels like a chore. Now, I can take a few minutes to tidy up each room and run a dust rag across uncluttered surfaces.

If this is how I am feeling in only 2 days, I can't wait to see how I will feel by the end of the month! By the summer, I want to have a home where EVERY item has a purpose and those items make my life easier and more in tuned. In the future, before purchasing an item I will sincerely ask myself if the item serves a purpose in my home and if it is inline with my new lifestyle or if it's just contributing to new clutter.


  1. Mneiae said...
    My first thought upon looking at your blog was, "OMG, she's me!!"

    Then I scrolled around a little and I realized that you're a little older than I am.

    But as far as transitioning into minimalism and trying simplify your life, we're at the same point.
    Young Mogul said...
    Yeah, there are bound to be similarities between all of us this journey because so few people are on it.

    Consumerism got to be too much for me. Buying books on home organization when it HIT me, I can organize by getting rid of a lot of this stuff. I watch others go to jobs they hate to pay for stuff they don't need, and I have decided not to be those people.

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