My Money Accounts

Because my identity is not exactly anonymous on my blog, I will not get too specific in terms of dollars and cents. But, what I will do is list the accounts that I currently have and explain how I allocate money to them.

1. Emergency Fund--this account is fully funded. In fact, it may be over funded and I am considering moving some of the money into one of my retirement accounts.
2. Retirement Accounts (2)--One account is my own IRA (which I may move money into from my Emergency Fund; the other account is through my employer.
3. Checking Account--only my bills come out of this account, nothing else. Bills are mainly withdrawn through automatic draft.
4. Short Term Savings--this is my account for expenses such as vacations, car and home repairs, etc.
5. Fun Money--checking account that I put my spending money in for the month and deposit any left over money from other categories such as groceries, household, etc
6. E-Trade--online investment account
7. Business Account--bank account for my online business.

These are my accounts and they work well for my needs. I kind of think these are a lot of accounts to keep track of, but they each serve a specific purpose. What bank/investment accounts do you have?


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