These little tidbits of information are in no particular order, but I decided to put them in countdown order ('cause I'm cool like that). Following these simple tips has helped me almost reach financial freedom (I will be debt free, everything except the mortgage by the end of 2010)! So, yeah me! And YEAH to you also, if you are already following this advice or choose to implement them after reading this post.

10. Assests buys luxuries. We should not buy luxury items with regular income. If we desire luxuries, we should make sound investments, then use the money generated from said investments to by "wants".

9. Never take out a loan or pay interest on anything that depreciates. That beautiful new car you want--yeah that one--until you can pay for it cash, you should drive a used car and save to pay for it in cash.

8. Create multiple streams of income. Robert Kiyosaki calls it "having your job and minding your business". We should all have our full-time jobs and our legal side hustle.

7. Pay yourself first, and do it automatically. Most of us won't even miss the money if we never see it in our paychecks. We learn to live off of what we take home.

6. When you get a raise, don't raise your standard of living. That one bears repeating---When you get a raise DON'T raise your standard of living. Invest the increase instead.

5. Investing in any retirement program that provides a match is equivalent to getting free money. Where else can you get FREE money and who, in their right mind, turns down free money? Got it....good! Sign up for your company's retirement program immediately--if you haven't already--and invest up to the match amount.

4. Money is simply what we choose to trade our time for--that's all it is. We choose to give it more value and more power than it deserves by trading too much of time for money to buy material possessions that add no value to our lives.

3. Drive a paid for car! Enough said....

2. Debt is slavery. We are enslaved to anyone we owe.

1. Live below your means--the simpliest, yet hardest rule for people to follow.


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