My (Attempt) At a No-Spend Weekend

While perusing Personal Finance blogs, I discoverd the blog Cash Only Living. The owner has challenged herself to a No-Spend Work Week. Because I think the experiment is a great one that takes a lot of discipline and self-control, I have decided to test it out myself. There is ONE catch, however. My No-Spend will be a weekend and not an entire week.

So, this weekend (April 30-May 2) is the time I have decided upon. For me, I usually consider the weekend Friday and Saturday because those are the days I usually socialize. But for this experiment, I will expand my weekend to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In order to have success at this attempt, I will have to carefully plan and make any necessary purchases today.

Now, the plan.....I usually grocery shop on weekends, but I will grocery shop today, upon leaving work. I have a baby shower gift to buy, which I was planning to buy this weekend; but will buy today also. Ditto for a few household items, and getting car vaccummed. I do not have any entertainment plans with friends and if I am invited last minute, I will have to refuse. But, the main catch to my No-Spending Plan is I CANNOT just sit at home all weekend. So, I will be a tourist in my own city and go to some places that could (possibly) be tempting.

I want to test the degree of my will power as it relates to purchases. I have pretty strong will power with anything I put my mind to, and I don't see how this will be any different. However, this will be my first attempt and if something extreme happens where spending cannot be avoided, I won't beat myself up over it. I will just plan more carefully next time and make another attempt.

Updates coming next week. Stay tuned.....


  1. The Asian Pear said...
    Good luck!

    I did this for the week of February. No spending for weekdays for all of February (except for paying bills). It's not that bad. Just don't bring cash & credit/debit cards with you when you go out except ID. That's how I did it. :)
    April said...
    Cool idea. I think I will challenge myself to get out and about this weekend too and (somehow) not spend any money. I was going to stay home this weekend but you are right, working all week allows you to not spend money but going out on the weekend is a big challenge money-wise. Good luck and I look forward to seeing how your weekend goes!

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